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2" Kinetic Recovery Rope

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Made in the USA in an ISO 9001:2008 certified facility! ASR's Kinetic Recovery Tow Ropes are THE tool to use when towing stuck vehicles, with up to 30% stretch under load that facilitates the smooth transfer of max kinetic energy from the towing vehicle to the stuck vehicle. ASR's 2" Kinetic Recovery Rope is a beast of a tool, designed for use on heavy-duty vehicles such as tractors, semis and dump trucks. This rope is constructed with Double Braid Nylon with a 131,500 lb MTS, and features abrasion protection in the form of Cordura covered eyes and a 3 ft Cordura slider on the body. Higher capacity power, smoother pulling and the highest quality materials and construction meant this rope will provide outstanding results for a very long time. Item is manufactured and tested in conformance with API Q1 Specification standards. 


  • Min. Breaking Load 131,500 lbs
  • Rope is 100% Double Braid Nylon
  • Chafe protection in eyes and in in the center
  • UV and Abrasion Resistant Coating
  • Made In the USA