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Current Product/Shipping/Lead Time Updates
Current Product/Shipping/Lead Time Updates

7/16" Synthetic Winch Line

Hook Options


  • Plasma 12 Strand Rope Rated at 21,000 lbs MBL
  • UV Coating for Long Life Protection
  • Heavy Duty Tubular Thimble
  • 8 feet of slidable cordura chafe protection
  • Optional 3 Ton Sling Hook or Safety Hook

The heavy duty winch rope in the line-up is ASR's 7/16" Synthetic Winch Rope. Rated at 21,000 lbs Min Breaking Load, this rope is 20% stronger than a 7/16" steel cable, and has the added benefits of improved safety and lighter weight. Perfectly at home on the larger 12,000 and 15,000+ lb winches from Warn, Ramsey, Superwinch and many others.

Quality US made Plasma rope, heavy duty components and professional construction do not come cheap, but buying a synthetic winch line from ASR Offroad is a smart investment.

Safer than Steel - Synthetic rope will not kink, burr or splinter, and has low recoil in the event of a failure, all features intended to get you home safely.

Shed Weight - Switching from steel to synthetic winch rope by ASR can save upwards of 30 lbs, which you will appreciate when pulling your line up that steep, muddy hillside.

 ASR Synthetic Winch Lines are made of high strength Plasma, are UV coated for lasting protection, and are pared with a stainless steel thimble. They come with a 100 inch warning color on the drum end. 

All ASR Synthetic Winch Lines are manufactured in the USA - with options that include name-brand hardware from Europe.

Standard Winch Line colors are purple and granite grey. For a $5 surcharge, Winch Lines are available in black, red, safety green, and safety orange.