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Current Product/Shipping/Lead Time Updates
Current Product/Shipping/Lead Time Updates

3/8" Synthetic Winch Line

Hook Options


  • Plasma 12 Strand Rope Rated at 17,600 lbs MBL
  • UV Coating for Long Life Protection
  • Heavy Duty Tubular Thimble
  • 8 feet of slidable cordura chafe protection
  • Optional 2 Ton Sling Hook or Safety Hook

Our number one selling winch rope size is 3/8". It is standard on higher capacity winches such as the Warn M10000, but also is a very common upgrade for the 9000lb and lower winches when a little extra safety margin is desirable. This rope is tried and true in a variety of professional rock crawling and racing circuits such as The King of the Hammers, and the W.E. Rock Championship Series, where professional racers demand recovery equipment they can depend on.

ASR Offroad's 3/8" Synthetic Winch Ropes are covered by our un-equaled guarantee, which protects your investment through a variety of potential hazards, including you!

Plasma 12 Strand rope provides 17,600 lbs of pulling power that is transmitted through a Heavy Duty Tubular Thimble and an optional 2 Ton Safety or Sling Hook. Rope protection is handled via a long lasting UV protective coating and a slidable cordura chafe guard, which can be positioned where ever it is needed.

Improved Safety through reduced recoil in the event of a line failure makes an ASR Synthetic Winch Rope a smart investment. Synthetic rope also eliminates painful and dangerous kinks and splinters common in steel cables.

Lower Weight makes handling a long rope a breeze, and reduces overall vehicle weight by up to 50 lbs.


ASR Synthetic Winch Lines are made of high strength Plasma, are UV coated for lasting protection, and are pared with a stainless steel thimble. They come with a 100 inch warning color on the drum end. 

All ASR Synthetic Winch Lines are manufactured in the USA - with options that include name-brand hardware from Europe.

Standard Winch Line colors are purple and granite grey. For a $5 surcharge, Winch Lines are available in black, red, safety green, and safety orange.